Microprecsion MP800 Limit Switch




The limit switch family MP800 of safety and limit switches with their metal or plastic housing are ideally suited to application where precise shutdown is required. For example when the positions of doors and access hatches are monitored.
They can be used in safety circuits as the NC contact is positively-opening in compliance with IEC 60 947-5-1.




  MP800-MP810-MP850 MP820-MP830-MP870
Approval IEC 947-5-1
Housing Thermoplastic Metal

Forced break

Slow action - Snap action

Forced break

Slow action - Snap action

Circuit 1NO + 1NC / 2NC  / 2NO+1NC / 1NO+2NC / 3NC
Termination PG13.5 / 1/2" NPT / PG11 / M16 / M20
Actuator Variety of operation heads
Degree of protection IP65 IP66
Power rating

AC-15 3A

DC-13 0.27A

Thermal current 10A 10A

EN 50 047 30 mm / 50 mm

EN 50 041 40 mm

Operating temperature range -25°C to +70°C
Mechanical life 30 x 106
Datasheet MP800.pdf